Meet & brief

Our first meeting is all about you. We want to hear about your business, understand what you do and, most importantly, what it is you’d like to achieve. We love it when people come and visit us too—it’s always great for you to understand the way we work, meet our people and get a feel for our business. Working up a creative brief is not always easy, but don’t worry, as we will ask all the critical questions and glean those all-important ideas that will formulate the basis of our creative relationship with you.


We begin by researching your main competitors to ensure we position you just right in your market-place. By now, we understand each other pretty well and have a clear vision of where you want to be. We like to look all around for inspiration to help us clarify our design direction and make sure we offer you something fresh, interesting and individual. We do our best to estimate timescales and costs for the work.

Proposal & visual

No-one likes to wade through mammoth proposals laden with technical jargon, so we’ll keep it concise. Our proposals will always include an opening ‘brief back to client’ which will demonstrate we have listened and understood your objectives. We’ll outline the prices, the process, and what you can expect from our team. We will take into account any specific styles which we know you like, or directions you’ve asked us to explore and will then work tirelessly, until some designs to be proud of emerge to the forefront. We like to present a number of design routes to you, and we like to present these in person. We then look for your feedback and comments so far.


It’s important to us that you understand the rationale behind our creative, and sometimes, things need to evolve and be refined before we hit the spot. That’s all part of the process and it allows you the opportunity to be confident with our design direction. We like to work quite collaboratively here at Round and, as such, we will spend time discussing your project amongst ourselves—we all have slightly different skill sets and work in different ways, making us flexible and efficient. We will work with you on a continual basis, and to the agreed timescales, until we have achieved design brilliance and you are a happy customer. That’s the way we roll…



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