Help… my email is broken!

We all have times when our email is down and our working life comes to a halt, but do you know how or who can fix it for you? well here’s what you do…

  1. Firstly, you need to find out who actually hosts your email account(s)—it may not be the company who hosts your website, so to do that you will need to use an MX lookup service. You can find one by searching on Google, once you have found one input your domain name and hit search.
  2. The results can be displayed in a couple of ways, either as the host name or by an IP address. If the IP address is, then great, we look after your emails so send us a message and we will take a look and be in touch. If a different IP address comes up rather than the name of the host then you can do an IP lookup search which should then tell you who the company is. You can then contact them and, happy days, they should be able to resolve your emailing issues.