Twelve Tips for Killer Christmas Marketing!

It’s that time of year again; the cold closes in, children can’t contain their excitement and the insatiable beast which is marketing only gets hungrier!

Luckily, your friendly neighbourhood agency, Round Creative, are here to help! We’ve put together 12 useful tips, from SEO to remembering to drink booze frequently enough over Christmas to help you navigate the Yuletide maze and shine amongst the seasonal marketing noise!

1) Hold Christmas Competitions

Everyone loves free stuff!

In the true spirit of Christmas, a giveaway can get a huge number of eyes upon you during this period, with consumers actively looking harder to buy products for loved-ones than any other time of year. It is essential to promote your competition ‘campaign-style’, with multiple posts and marketing touchpoints. One unsponsored Facebook post won’t gain much audience traction at all!


2) Christmas SEO Upkeep

New season, who dis?

Your customers’ search term habits may change over Christmas, especially given that long-tail keywords are popular at current. Search terms tend to be conversational and intuitive, rather than pragmatic and information-efficient. Try to think about how your audience would ask where to find your solutions and the pain points it addresses for them, but most importantly, get a head start! SEO can take a little while to take effect and so getting started early can really give you an edge over competition.


3) Make Use of Fun Christmas Imagery

Maybe produce an iteration of your logo with a Christmas twist!

This can breathe life into a brand over Christmas and generate huge rapport with your customer base. This demonstrates personality, adaptability and dynamism in your brand as well as assimilating with your audience through shared values.


4) Interact with Other Businesses on Social Media

Especially Twitter!

Make the most of seasonal cheer and get chatting! Even with little purpose strategy, interacting with your audience on social media is instrumental in solidifying your brand in their perception.
Pro-tip: Get interactive with other businesses who may serve your customer base in different ways. To put it simply: If they have the attention of your audience, then get THEIR attention and incite engagement.


5) Be Considerate with Budget

Deck the halls with Facebook advertising, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Christmas is the most marketing-dense time of the year; competitors will be upping their budgets and reaching campaign milestones. This means you’ll have to do the same in order to compete. You should look at your campaign and compare the investment level against the possible results; You may predict a low return on investment or, inversely, a huge Christmas boom! Either way, it’s easy to overfund a campaign which isn’t returning on investment, and even easier to overlook the funds required in order to make that campaign a success.


6) Christmas Offers

This one is by no means an insider tip!

Everyone makes use of offers, discounts, etc over Christmas, and your business should be no exception! Whether you’re reducing a product’s cost, or including some extra of value in a service, Christmas offers present the opportunity for increased business to mutual benefit; your customers get something extra free of charge, and you cultivate new business during a critically important business period.


7) Do Something Cheesy to do with Your Company

The more puns the better!

Themed fancy dress is always great fun within the office, but also goes a long way on social media! If incentivized as a competition it can generate increased productivity and increased effort into costumes, making for better marketing content! This can be done for charity to give a little back to those who need it and show your customers what lovely people you are!


8) Generally Being More Social

Feel free to do this with no strategy, or intention!

You’ll be surprised how much a little chat here and there with customers could help your brand. With the upbeat, seasonal atmosphere, everyone is feeling just a little more conversational! Speak to people, ask questions, enjoy chatting! You may even end up gleaning useful demographic information from your audience whilst interacting so closely!


9) Christmas Content

Christmas is one of the most content rich periods of the year.

EVERYONE is photographing EVERYTHING and uploading to all platforms. It’s much more acceptable and beneficial to upload ‘lifestyle’ content; simply what you’re eating/doing/listening to/watching around Christmas. Jump on popular culture to help your audience relate to you. Memes are great, but be sure to use them accurately! Using them in incorrect contexts can generate negative feelings toward your brand as a large number of meme sharers and consumers feel a degree of protectiveness and ownership over the concept of memes!


10) Lists

Lists work. We know, we’re currently marketing using one!

People love lists. There’s just something about having the amount of reading you have to do disclaimed before embarking upon the read! They also give the impression of information dense sections of content, as numbered lists are very much interchangeable with bullet-pointed lists.


11) Snapchat & Instagram

The staple platforms for lifestyle content!

At current, Snapchat and Instagram are KILLING it. Their ‘stories’ features are seeing more use than ever before and they are, in general, the most used platforms for sharing images and videos with each other. They necessitate content and can even make context irrelevant. This makes them ideal platforms for sharing relatable content to perpetuate and consolidate your brand’s personality.



This isn’t a marketing tip, we just know you won’t regret a good, old-fashioned Christmas booze-up!

Thanks for reading our Twelve Tips for Killer Christmas Marketing! We’ll sing you out with our 2017 Christmas anthem…

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Agency sent to me…
Twelve Long-tail Keywords,
Eleven Links for Building,
Ten Pixels Per Inch,
Nine Domain Addresses,
Eight Masonry Grids,
Seven SEO Blogs,
Six GUI Snags,
Five Gantt Charts,
Four Calls to Action,
Three Favicons,
Two Thumbnails and
A Marketing Campaign!