I need a new website – What will it cost?

Are you a new business looking for branding and a cost effective new website? Are you well established and looking to refresh or update your website? Are you wondering what it might cost?

We have helped many businesses of all shapes and sizes with designing and developing their new website. We have found that one of the most frequently used questions from business owners is, ‘so how much does a website cost?’ ‘How long is a piece of string?’ I think it applies here really well. We have designed, coded and launched websites from £1,000 to 50,000+ with all manner of technology and functionality and in many countries around the world. The answer to the question of how much a website costs is… ‘It depends on what you need it to do—now and later.’

We always recommend meeting people interested in developing a new website with us so that we can carry out a free, introductory discovery session. This session is essential to learning more about what your business is like, find out who your current and aspirational clients are and uncover what you want people to be able to do on your site—the user journey. We need to consider the branding, style, design, functionality and technology of the website. We then need to understand roughly what your budget is both now and moving forward. Maybe you want to start small and develop the site year on year with an ongoing marketing budget. I know that’s what I do with my other businesses in order to make it more cost effective. An added benefit of this is that you can test what is working well and what is not working and make changes as you move forward before you invest larger sums of money.

Here are our top 5 messages about  a new website and its cost:

1. Don’t try and do it yourself if at all possible. It’s worth employing the professionals.

You need a website and you need a good one—whatever your business is. If you can afford at least £1,500 pounds you should really consider employing a creative and digital agency to produce something professional that can grow with you.

2. You need to realise that you will also have to do some work.

We can do the design and the building of a website but we will always need a client to help us with content. The text and images that go into the site. Very often people forget this and don’t realise that there is additional time, effort and sometimes even money involved in ensuring that the content of the website is good. This is incredibly important as the content of your website is the biggest factor in ensuring that your website does well with SEO and that people find your site. The earlier you can think about the content of your website, the better.

3. If possible pick an agency that does it all—branding, graphic design and web development.

The easiest and most powerful solution to a great website of any size is finding a small to medium sized agency that can do it all. A creative and digital agency that understands branding, style, functionality and all the latest technologies of SEO, e-commerce, social media etc. will not only potentially save you some money, but will assist you in building a website that gives you a strong foundation for your ongoing digital marketing strategy.

4. It’s ok to start small and grow from there as long as you start with the vision of where you want to be in mind.

However big or small your business is you can start with a small branding budget and website if necessary. What is important is that you work with your agency to paint a picture of where you want to be in 3 – 5 years and that you commit a budget each year to developing the website, and your other digital marketing.

5. The best strategy is to realise that there is no end-point where your website is concerned.

Once your website is completed, this really is only the beginning of the journey, although it doesn’t have to be scary and expensive. Everything can start small, but the sooner you embark on developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy, the better. Moving forward you now need to focus on ensuring people find it (SEO). That the content is regularly updated, that you capture contact details of people visiting your site and build up a database, that it fits in with all your other marketing efforts such as social media and email campaigns and that every few years you check that the technology and branding is up to date.


In case it is helpful, here are some of our latest websites:

Chris Lowe Nutrition – chrislowenutrition.com 

Very affordable template website with some additional coding and design.

Brief: Chris is a personal trainer and nutritionist with a client list which includes some professional athletes and sports personalities. He came to us wanting to update his rather out of date site which he felt no longer reflected the calibre of his clients and the professionalism of his business. Chris wanted to upgrade look and feel of his current website to make it more contemporary, clean and easy to use. He also had a lot of traffic on his blog but it was not a very engaging design so we needed to find a solution which improved the blog design, yet kept it centre stage on the website. We had to do all this on a budget of £1000.

We decided to use a website template to keep everything very affordable. We refined his branding, designed the site and did a small amount of coding work on the template to ensure it matched 100% of Chris’s requirements. In this case we also populated the website and brought in all the historical blog posts from the old site. A job well done!

Client feedback: Chris really loved the website and has already received a lot of great feedback from his clients and website visitors.

Next steps: Chris is now working with us on a cost-effective digital marketing strategy and plan to ensure that all this good work continues to pay off and his marketing develops and goes from strength to strength.


BoutiqueDMC Iceland – www.boutiquedmc.com

Affordable website with a bespoke design and build.

Brief: Boutique DMC Iceland is a new travel company based in Iceland offering incentive travel and events for corporate clients, leisure travel groups and luxury travel for couples and families. As a start-up business looking to operate in B2B and B2C markets, they were asking us to develop a professional website which reflected their huge combined knowledge and experience. It needed to be fresh and exciting and reflect their energy, innovation and creative flair, whilst being a solid platform for growth and future development.

Client feedback: The client loved the branding and style and was really happy with the website.


Viaventure Central America – www.viaventure.com 

Mid-range website with a bespoke design and build and additional technology.

Brief: Viaventure is based in Central America and is a luxury travel tour operator with offices in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize. They wanted to employ an agency that really understood what the UK and North American market were looking for. They needed their new website to be professional, contemporary and using the latest technology so they came to us. Viaventure needed something of a mid-range budget that would appeal to both B2B and B2C clients. They also needed a backend content management system that was really easy to use and update themselves. Viaventure wanted to come across as a highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional company.

Client Feedback: Viaventure loved the branding and website and thought it was great value for money. They were really happy with the ease of use of the content management system.

Next steps: We are now working on a huge website for Viaventure Central America which is a ‘client only’ site. It will link their operations system into a beautiful looking site which clients can use to access all manner of information, prices, videos, FAQ, online training and be able to download images and videos to use in their own marketing. It will give clients around the world 24hour access to their rates and information using an API link to their tour operator software. In addition, we produce and print all their brochures and exhibition stands, and we are also working on an app for the clients that travel with them and their staff in the field. More on this soon…


YorPlace – www.yorplace.co.uk 

Mid-range website with a bespoke design and build and additional technology.

Brief: YorPlace had an old website which was over 5 years old and had an out of date style and wasn’t mobile responsive. Their business model had also changed the owner needed a website that could easily showcase his portfolio of properties and have a simple “back-end” or CMS Content Management System. That way he and his team could add and delete properties easily. So overall their new website needed a more contemporary and professional looking design. We worked with their existing branding and supported them by creating brand guidelines with a new colour palette that they could then use across all other marketing channels.

Client Feedback? The client loved the new website and was really happy with the ease of use of the content management system.


Blackrock – www.blackrockpm.co.uk 

Large website with a bespoke design and build and high level of technology.

Brief: Blackrock asked us to work on both their branding and their new website. We were asked to keep into consideration their existing brand and conduct a brand refresh, not revolutionise brand, just clean it up and modernise it. We did this with an eye to their global reach and professionalism. We developed the brand and produced a new set of brand guidelines with a new colour palette.

Their website was old and mobile optimised and was not representative of Blackrock’s reputation and position in their global marketplace. With their new website, we wanted to really mirror their role as a leading provider of professional consultancy services and ensure the design and functionality optimally showcased their service portfolio. We also wanted to offer a more global feel to their international market.

Client Feedback? The client was really happy with the new website and felt it achieved their aims very successfully.

Next Steps? We are working with them on their digital marketing strategy for 2017.