Online Training System Software for International Claims Management Company

One of our international clients, Crawford contacted us to create a series of online training courses for their staff and partners. The system that we developed included the latest presentation and online training technology. It had to look good, be easy to understand and be memorable for the people taking the training so we developed striking graphic elements with simple animated charts and graphs. We also developed a video introduction and voice-over for all training presentations. Each training was designed to include a test, and the system saves everyone’s results history for easy monitoring.

Crawford is the world’s largest independent claims management provider that provide solutions and support to the risk management and insurance industry. The online training software we have developed for them are being offered through Crawford’s website (which we did not design or build) to their partners. The system has become a fantastic online training opportunity for partner businesses to engage their staff and increase knowledge on the industry and products. It is available 24 hours a day – anywhere in the world and also offers a wide range of other industry related resources. It doubles as a unique knowledge management framework.

Using e-learning/online training modules to provide training has enabled Crawford to provide training opportunities for staff and partners around the world. It has meant that consistent and up to date training can be received simultaneously in any country at any time. The system can be used by any individual that wants to work on their own or it can be a group training tool in a classroom environment. The possibilities are endless. One other real benefit for Crawford is that the online training system that we built allows the company to have progress tracking and reporting via their LMS (Learning Management System). The user can see their score, review their answers and retake the test where necessary. The system also then generates a certificate to prove that they passed the test.

Working on this online training/e-learning project showed us just how effective and expansive an online training or e-learning system can. It is wonderfully flexible and can deliver huge strides towards achieving business strategic goals, whether you are an  SME or a huge international corporation.

Project Management Software for Creative & Digital Agencies

When we couldn’t find the perfect digital job organisation software specific for a creative & digital agency, we simply built our own. When our business grew from just the two founding members to a team of ten within a couple of years, we have always vowed to try and stay nimble and responsive to enquiries and workload as our client-base increases. In the humble beginnings, we embraced the good-old paper based ‘job-bag’ system. It felt safe and it worked. A job came in, a job bag was created and the little brown bag followed us around until a job was completed and invoiced. I am an old school and devout believer in the job bag, or rather I was. I said goodbye to my little paper friends a couple of months ago, the last one had to be stripped from me. I sulked for a while and refused to play ball.

As we’ve grown and the size of our projects has increased we agreed that we needed to find a digital job management software that would streamline this process as much as possible and ensure the work flowed smoothly and painlessly until completion. Let me tell you, the hunt for the perfect tool has been challenging. Nothing quite hit the spot. Wrike, Any.do, Capsule, Trello, Basecamp—we’ve tried and tested the lot. Then we reverted back to a classic—Wunderlist. Simple, but very, very effective.Wunderlist came very close—we all fell in love with this little app. We could enter new jobs, create client folders, upload a brief, assets, create tasks for one another and create our individual daily itineraries. Almost perfect, but not quite.

We wanted a system that could be shared with our clients, so they can see what’s happening when, a system where we have the opportunity to share crucial information with the relevant person, a system where we can collaborate with co-workers and clients—one which works the way we need it to and adapts as our business does. We also needed to be able to see the Round Creative brand ‘notched’ into the app somehow—could we customise it just a little bit to reflect a little bit of us? Possible? Totally—if you build one yourself!

Introducing JobOrg—our custom-built project management system. We have carefully crafted a digital work-flow system that crucially allows both public and private access, as well as keeping multiple people updated on a project’s progress.

One of the pleasant side effects of JobOrg is that we seem to have reduced the amount of internal emails and our inbox now pleasantly houses mainly client conversations. We’re not trying to avoid face-to-face conversations, all of us still enjoy a good banter, but what our new system does do for us is streamline, focus and track our jobs and also keeps our clients in the loop at all times.

We are now in the final stages of testing phase 1 and we hope to launch soon. Watch this space!!