A Branding Brief Playlist: Write an Amazeballs Brief

It is easier for us at Round Creative Agency to create marketing magic, the best bloomin’ branding since Apple’s Apple if we can get the best branding brief possible from you — our beloved client. Here is our Top 10, “Hit Parade” run down of the whys and wherefores and “How To’s” of writing a great branding brief. Because we love you so much… it comes with its own soundtrack. NB. Please click on the song link as you read each section below. It helps make the left and right brain connections, thus greatly enhancing your ability to understand and remember… at least that’s what somebody down the pub told me…

If you’re unsure in any way about what a brief actually is, refer yourself here.

#10 Why is Branding Important for your Company?

Tell me why… – Bronski Beat

Your company brand helps you connect with your customers, staff and suppliers emotionally. A good brand and branding strategy allows your company to connect with people at a deeper, emotional level. This, in turn, makes them feel good when they buy your brand or work with and for your company. A strong and effective brand is the quickest and most powerful way to make an immediate connection with people and to get across the message about who you are, what you do and what you care about. Here are some brands we’ve created. In order to get started you need to provide your creative agency with the best branding brief possible.

#9 What is a Branding Brief?

Getting to Know You – Julie Andrews

A branding brief is a document that a client produces on their own or jointly with us detailing everything we need to know about them, their products / services and what they are trying to say with their branding & image. We also need to understand budget constraints and whether a client just wants a quick logo or a full branding program. The more information we can get from you at this point, the more we can understand you and your company and the more effective our work can be.

Writing the Brief

So to write a brnding brief, merely answer as many of the following questions in a document. It doesn’t have to be pretty – just clear and self-explanatory. Or even better. come and talk to us in our offices over a coffee and a cake. We love cake in our office. See our cake blog.

#8 What’s your Company’s Story?

What’s the Story Morning Glory – Oasis

So first we just need to know about your company in general terms. How did the company begin and when? What’s your story? Is there a tale to tell about how and why the company got started and its founders? What is the core focus of the business? What are your main products or services?

#7 What makes YOU so bloomin’ Special… huh?

Simply the Best – Tina Turner

What would you say makes you special and different and “simply the best”…. “better than all the rest”? Whilst you may not be able to compete with Tina on voice, hairstyle, dress sense or sheer pop amazingness…. you know there are reasons why you are great and why customers come to you.

Think about what your company ‘WHY’ is — what is your underlying purpose or mission? (If you haven’t yet read Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. We highly recommend it).

Can you give us a few examples of who your competitors are? How are you different from them? What would you say makes you unique – your USP ‘Unique Selling Point’? What is your value proposition?

#6 I wanna be like you… I wanna walk like you, talk like you…

I Wanna Be Like You – Jungle Book

Here is a bit of fun you can have with your team. Help us think out of the box a bit by answering a few questions like the ones below. Work with your team to make up your own that feel most relevant to your company, what you do and what you are like… how you want others to view you.

•  If your company was a city which one would it be? Why?
•  If your company was an animal which one would it be? Why?
•  If your company was a famous person from history who would it be?

For instance, at Round Creative, we wanna be like…

San Francisco: Artistic, creative, professional, funky, something for everyone, lots of personality, work hard in the city then have fun outdoors or the buzz of the nightlife – always embrace a gay night out!

David Beckham: Talented, sporty, stylish, hard working, serious, professional and fun, good ethics, wants to make a difference, team player wants to win together.

#5 Getting Emotional

So Emotional – Whitney Houston

As you have learned we want to make an emotional connection with your clients as quickly as possible through your branding. It is therefore really important to think about and articulate what exactly you want that emotional response to be in your clients / customers. Do you have an idea about the tone of voice that you wish to simulate? Are there any key messages that you want your branding to convey? How do we want the customer to feel when they see your brand? When people think about your company, products & services, what are the feelings and associations you want them to have?

#4 What Rocks Your World?

You Rock my World – Michael Jackson

What designs, styles and imagery have rocked your world recently? Have you seen anything that you loved and thought… “ooh, something like that would fit us really well!” Do you feel you want a design that is more contemporary, minimalist, modern, traditional, professional, fun… how would you describe the kind of design you see in your mind’s eye for your branding? Supplying examples of logos and branding you like and dislike can really help us create the best fitting branding. Examples don’t even need to be relevant to your industry, just as examples of styles and messaging you love. What designs, styles and imagery have rocked your world recently?

#3 Targeting the right Customers

Get Down (You’re the One for Me) – Backstreet Boys

It is key with branding to think about the kind of customers you want to attract, where they are located and what they are like. That way we can innovate a brand that “speaks” to them, attracts and engages with them. Who are your target customers and what are they like? What other brands do they like and feel emotionally connected to? Where are your target markets? Also, have you reflected on any market insights that might affect your brand? What is the current situation in your industry? What are the trends? Is there anything we might need to consider that has happened recently or is likely to happen which will affect your business and need to be reflected in your brand? Who are your target customers? What are they like and where can they be found?

#2 How Do You Communicate Your Brand?

Jive Talkin’ – Bee Gees

To design the most effective branding it is helpful to consider how you will use the branding both digitally and in print. Share your thoughts with us on what products, packaging and marketing collateral you envisage carrying your branding — website, social media, e-shots, brochures, posters, magazine adverts, banners, merchandise and so on.


Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (Theme Tune)

It’s a bit like Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy… you might know that the answer is “42” — or in your case some (new) branding…. but are you 100% clear on what the question is? Ultimately the big question you need to reflect upon and understand yourselves and then communicate to us is…

What problem are you attempting to solve?

Once you have written out as much as possible in your branding brief by answering the questions above, (whilst listening to the magical playlist of course!) send it over to us at hello@roundcreative.co.uk or to me personally on becky@roundcreative.co.uk and we can get started! Alternatively, contact us to arrange a meeting so we can chat over coffee and cake and write the branding brief directly with you. Either way, we look forward to making sweet marketing music with you.

Blog by: Becky Harris

Becky is one of the owners of Round Creative and has a colourful past. She started working life as a Mechanical Engineer but then traveled and worked across Latin America for 12 years. Becky bought a car in Guatemala then drove it to Canada. Our travel guru later went back to “Guate” and started a tour operator there www.viaventure.com which now operates across Central America. Becky fell in love with Round Creative’s values, creativity & way of working when Viaventure was a client and upon returning to the motherland in 2009 she become a shareholder & is now Digital Marketing Manager for Round Creative.

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